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Membership Reporting Form Codes

Business Activity Codes:  Enter the most important business activities from the list of codes below (you may enter up to 3 different codes).  Note:  for “other” associate (Code Z), you must fill in the blank for Other Business Classification if you are to receive Builder Magazine.

Builder Member Classification 

A     Single Family Spec/Trac Building
B1   Single Family General Contracting
B2   Single Family Custom Building
C     Multifamily Building (Condo/Co-op Units)
D     Multifamily Building/Ownership (Rental Units)
E     Multifamily General Contracting
F     Remodeling – Residential
G    Remodeling – Commercial
H    Commercial Building (Own Account)
I     Commercial General Contracting
J     Land Development
K    Manufacturing of Modular/Panelized Log Homes

Wholesale Dealers/Distributor

X1   Appliances
X2   Building Materials/Lumber
X3   Floor Coverings
X4   Paint/Wall Coverings
X5   Other Wholesale Dealership (specify)

Associate Member Classification

I       Accounting
M1   Architecture
M2   Engineering
M3   Planner or Designer
N     Legal Services
O     Computer Products and Services
P1    Commercial Banking/Thrift Institution
P2    Mortgage Banking
Q     Insurance or Title Company
R     Marketing, Advertising or Public Relations
S      Building Material Manufacturer
T     Property Management
U     Real Estate
Y     Utilities
Z      Other (specify)

Subcontractors and Specialty Trade Contractors

W1 Carpentry Work
W2 Electrical Work
W3 Masonry, Stone Work, Tile Setting, Plastering
W4 Landscaping
W5 Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning
W6 Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal Work
W7 Painting and Paper Hanging
W8 Floor Laying and Other Floor Work
W9 Concrete Work
WA Excavation Work
WC Land Surveyor
WD Security Systems
WZ Other Subcontractors (specify)

Retail Dealers/Distributors

V1   Appliances
V2   Building Materials/Lumber
V3   Floor Coverings
V4   Paint/Wall Coverings
V5   Other Retail Dealership (Specify)


Annual Dollar Volume:  Enter the approximate annual dollar volume of new residential construction/development, using the following codes

0.   Under $500,000
1.  $500,000 to $999,999
2.  $1 million to $4,999,000
3.  $5 million to $9,999,999
4.  $10 million or over
5.  No construction activity

Annual Number of residential dwelling units built in the past 12 months:  (Enter appropriate number of units built using the following codes)

1. O Units
2. 1 to 10 Units
3. 11 to 25 Units
4. 26 to 100 Units
5. 101 to 500 Units
6. Over 500 Units

Total Paid Employees:  Enter the total number of employees in the blanks provided.  Include yourself in the total figure.

Business Title:  Enter the code that best describes your business title, using the following codes:

1. President/CEO
2. VP/General Manager                                                         
3. Construction Superintendent            
4. Sales and Marketing Manager/Director
5. Architect, Designer or Engineer  
6. Financial Manager/Director  
7. Owner, Principal or Partner
8. Other (specify)


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